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including three on cal campus since wednesday. the criminals have been targeting smartphones. our reporter has more on that story. >> with more than a dozen muggings and other attacks on the uc berkeley campus some a month, some are taking steps to protect themselves the. >> i have a pepper spray in my bag. it is pink. i got it yesterday but...i got it now because i'm paranoid. >> the latest attack happened thursday night at the faculty glade an 18-year-old woman was grabbed from behind by a man while his acop police pulled a gun and took her phone and want through her purse. no arrests yet in that incident. the student government vice president says that being aware is the best way to keep from becoming a target. >> students do not know the safest thing is not to be on the phone while walking but look stimulate up, earbuds out. a spokesman said there are night safety services including campus escorts but many do not know about them. >> i had someone come in five minutes and someone came in 45 minutes. i will have friends stay and wait physical they can pick me up. >> police have not deter
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1